What is SEO Strategy?

In our last Article we learned “What is SEO” and How it Works”. Today we are going with quite similar Topic “What is SEO Strategy“, but a little different explanation. So, let’s learn.

What is SEO Strategy?

It is simply a Search Engine Optimization Strategy that help in gaining high positions in the rankings, Higher Page Rank, drive Huge Traffic, etc. In Other Words, It includes each and everything which is required to get Success with websites from the zero position.Below is a list of points included in SEO Strategy.

  1. Targeted Audience
  2. Keyword Research Planning
  3. Content strategy
  4. Optimizing site
  5. Building Links
  6. Defining and Spying Competitors
  7. Summarize the Planning


Targeted Audience

This is most vital thing you need to do Because of you aren’t targeting any Audience, then, it’s very difficult to stand in this field. So,  Make up Mind and select with Audience you want to Target. For Example, Here at Lifehubspot, we are targeting Audience who wants to learn SEO Techniques and boost Rankings, only in this category.
Similarly, You need to work on a particular audience so you can focus more effectively. If you want to target more than one type of audience, then, you can but don’t go for each type of visitors because you will not able to explain everything. So, that’s why just select 2-3 options and go for it.

Keyword Research Planning

Suppose you focused on Search Engine Optimization Audience. Now, you need to find out those keywords which are very popular among that Audience. In other Words, research for Keywords which have High Searches on Google. The Best way to do so, is to use Google Instant Search, or SEMRUSH which will provide you full data with Monthly keyword searches.

Read this:- Keyword Research for Beginners

Content Strategy

It is very important also. Because after finding targeted keyword and audience, you need to strategies your content to make it In-depth Knowledgeable. So, do some research on the Topic and try to find out latest Knowledge about the Same. It will help you Write Longer In-depth Article which will help you Rank higher in Google.

Optimizing Site

Your Site Needs to be Optimized for Search Engine. So, Work at Loading Speed, Description errors, Title Mistakes, URL Structure, Internal Linking. Al these things come under On-page SEO techniques. So, you might like to Read:-6 Best On-Page SEO techniques

Building Links

As you know Backlinks are valuable to our websites Because it will Pass Page Rank and help us Rank Higher in Google.  But you always need to remember that only High Quality Links can help you, any bad links will only help you fall down the rankings. So, Only work to build Authority Backlinks from Quality sites.
You can use Blog Commenting, Guest Posting, Social Bookmaking, etc.

Defining and Spying Competitors

In this field, it’s compulsory to know that what your competitors are doing. Sp, you can do those things better than them and stay one step further. So, always find out your Competitors and spy them. You can again Use SEMRUSH here which will give you all information related to you Competitor.

Summarize the Planning

Now, after you have done everything correctly, the final step will be summarize everything again. Because there are chances of mistake. So, you need to go through all SEO Strategy again and make it clean from errors. It is always a better option to remove all mistakes in the beginning to increase chances of success.

SEO STRATEGY Conclusion:-

So, these are best SEO Strategies, you need to follow to get success. But one thing i need to say that, at last “Content is Key”. So, always try writing Good Content which will help you build relationships and reputation.

So, this concludes the Article “What is SEO Strategy“. Don’t Forget to give your Views via Comments and also share this on Social Networks.

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