What is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is a short form of “Search Engine Optimization“. It is simply a process to rank our websites High in Search Engines to get Free Organic Traffic or in other words, it is process to get the “Natural” or “editorial” Listings in Major search Engines Like Google, Yahoo, Bind, etc. So, these are common definitions of SEO, But if you ask this from 50 different Experts, then, you will get 50 different definitions of Search Engine Optimization. So, it’s on your own, how you understand it. You can experiment in many ways to get yourself rank Number #1 in Google. But One thing keep in your Mind that is not going to be easy as there is a lot of competition around the web.

What is SEO/ Search Engine Optimization?

As I said in the first Paragraph it helps us gaining the premium Free Listings on Search Engine. You can get Huge amount of Traffic without paying anything to Google. So, i think it doesn’t need more Explanation as i explained it enough. Now, we move on to the next part.

Types of SEO/ Search Engine Optimization:-

There are majorly two types of SEO as given below.

  1. White Hat SEO
  2. Black Hat SEO

#1 White Hat:- It includes all legitimate methods to Increase Rankings in Search Engine. It takes a little longer time than black hat Methods, but if you get high rankings through these techniques, then, you will not lose it for a long period of time. In other Words, It is a permanent way to Rank Higher.

#2 Black Hat:- It is illegal way to rank Higher in search Engine. It was very common many years Ago. But with recent Updates in Google, usage of black Hat methods can earn you a Penalty. But these techniques still useful for those who looking to rank for a shorter period of time like Education Portals who only want some posts to rank Higher for 1 or 2 months. So, in Simple Words, It is a Temporary way to rank Higher.

Now, you got the Idea about legitimate and illegal Search Engine Optimization ways. But it has still more things. For Example, you can do it Two ways as given below.

  1. ON-Page SEO
  2. OFF-Page SEO

#1 On-Page:- This Includes Changes made in a website to make it more search Engine Friendly. It Include Many Ways like Loading Speed, Meta Tags, Title Tags, Internal Linking, Sitemap, Image Optimization, Keyword Research, etc.

Read More about it here:- 6 Best On-Page SEO techniques to Boost Rankings

#2 Off-Page :- It includes all those outside ways to Rank Higher in search Engine. For Example, Link Building through Blog Commenting, Social Bookmarking, Classified Ad Sites, Guest posting, etc.

So, this Ends the Classification of types of Search Engine Optimization. Now, we move ahead to learn How it Works?.

How SEO/ Search Engine Optimization Works?

Frankly Talking, it looks easy but in reality it is not. You can easily learn all techniques and implement, but without knowing about How it works, you will not always get the desired results. So, lets start.

As you know Google Promotes only those websites who holds an Authority which means High Quality Content with Good User Experience and High Number of Quality Backlinks. But to make it simpler to learn, we divide it into three parts.

  1. Writing Quality Articles using High Searched Keywords or Phrases.
  2. Building Quality Links from Authority Sites.
  3. Optimizing the site to reduce on-Page Errors like High Loading time, improper navigation structure, or any other similar tiny errors.
So, these are three things you need to do for high Rankings and continue doing to rank Higher Permanently.

Can You get #1 Rankings?

Yes, Of course, why not, You can certainly get 31 Spot in Google and all other search Engines but it will require a hard work with Dedication. As you know Nothing comes easy. So, Focus on your Goal and follow these SEO Tips and tricks which will help you fulfill your dreams.


I have seen Individuals continuously searching for “What is SEO” or “What is Search Engine Optimization“. So, here i explained it to help you understand the Word Better. If you wanna learn More about this Word and Help yourself Rank like a Boss, then, be a permanent Visitor to LifeHubspot.
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