5 White Hat Link Building Tips for SEO 2015

White Hat Link Building is always very Important to improve performance of website in organic search Results. Some Webmasters may follow black hat tricks, but remember it is only a way to get yourself banned by Google. So, White Hat Link Building techniques are the best way to go about. But with latest updates in Google, there are only few Legitimate methods remaining in the armory of webmasters. So, here we gonna mention all those methods and discuss them briefly.
White Hat Link Building Tips for SEO

Best 5 White Hat Link building Tips

#1 Creative Content is Key

If you content holds quality, then, it will automatically gets many backlinks. Because people love linking to High quality Articles which provide deep knowledge to their audience.  But one thing to be understood here, you need to write unique articles which are not available on the internet, only that will attract many backlinks. If your writing on topics having many articles on Google, then , none will get attracted towards your website.

#2 Target HIGH DA, PA Blogs

Now, here is the main importance of Domain and Page Authority. As you know Guest Posting is the best way to build backlinks but only from Authority Blogs. And those blogs are who have High DA and PA.
So, you need to target those blogs to get that respect for yourself. They will pass Huge Page Rank , Domain Authority and Page authority. Links from those blogs will boost your site rankings in search Engine. It will become a lot rank higher for long Tail Keyword. So, Always Find Authority Blogs to Guest Post on.

#3 Track Competitors Links and Target same Places

You need to track your toughest competitors to know about backlinks. Then, you can build links from the same places to beat them or give them more competition in the rankings. This way you will also know the Anchor text Keywords, High traffic receiving keyword of your competitors which will also help you.
Just check competitor discovered Backlinks from Authority domains, and then, use the same technique to rank yourself.

#4 Never forget Blog Commenting

Majority of webmasters knows this method of link building. Although it does not pass too much Page Rank but still a way to get some traffic. If you using only this technique to build links, then it would take much longer time than any other method due to Google giving less importance to links through comments.

#5 Social Networks and Bookmarking sites can really Help

All Social Bookmarking and networking sites can really help you gain more exposure and getting more backlinks. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to build relationship with other webmasters and bloggers, which will help you get links Because they will only link to your site if they know you.
Bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit can really drive traffic to your website and also some link juice.

Final Verdict on White Hat Link Building

There are many more ways to build backlinks but these 5 are the best ones you can use without any hesitation. Just take care of the quality when you submit guest posts to High DA, PA and PR domains because they will not accept any low standard post. So, Always Implement best writing skills for desired results. happy Journey Online Journey. Keep Visiting Life hubspot.

What is SEO Strategy?

In our last Article we learned “What is SEO” and How it Works”. Today we are going with quite similar Topic “What is SEO Strategy“, but a little different explanation. So, let’s learn.

What is SEO Strategy?

It is simply a Search Engine Optimization Strategy that help in gaining high positions in the rankings, Higher Page Rank, drive Huge Traffic, etc. In Other Words, It includes each and everything which is required to get Success with websites from the zero position.Below is a list of points included in SEO Strategy.

  1. Targeted Audience
  2. Keyword Research Planning
  3. Content strategy
  4. Optimizing site
  5. Building Links
  6. Defining and Spying Competitors
  7. Summarize the Planning


Targeted Audience

This is most vital thing you need to do Because of you aren’t targeting any Audience, then, it’s very difficult to stand in this field. So,  Make up Mind and select with Audience you want to Target. For Example, Here at Lifehubspot, we are targeting Audience who wants to learn SEO Techniques and boost Rankings, only in this category.
Similarly, You need to work on a particular audience so you can focus more effectively. If you want to target more than one type of audience, then, you can but don’t go for each type of visitors because you will not able to explain everything. So, that’s why just select 2-3 options and go for it.

Keyword Research Planning

Suppose you focused on Search Engine Optimization Audience. Now, you need to find out those keywords which are very popular among that Audience. In other Words, research for Keywords which have High Searches on Google. The Best way to do so, is to use Google Instant Search, or SEMRUSH which will provide you full data with Monthly keyword searches.

Read this:- Keyword Research for Beginners

Content Strategy

It is very important also. Because after finding targeted keyword and audience, you need to strategies your content to make it In-depth Knowledgeable. So, do some research on the Topic and try to find out latest Knowledge about the Same. It will help you Write Longer In-depth Article which will help you Rank higher in Google.

Optimizing Site

Your Site Needs to be Optimized for Search Engine. So, Work at Loading Speed, Description errors, Title Mistakes, URL Structure, Internal Linking. Al these things come under On-page SEO techniques. So, you might like to Read:-6 Best On-Page SEO techniques

Building Links

As you know Backlinks are valuable to our websites Because it will Pass Page Rank and help us Rank Higher in Google.  But you always need to remember that only High Quality Links can help you, any bad links will only help you fall down the rankings. So, Only work to build Authority Backlinks from Quality sites.
You can use Blog Commenting, Guest Posting, Social Bookmaking, etc.

Defining and Spying Competitors

In this field, it’s compulsory to know that what your competitors are doing. Sp, you can do those things better than them and stay one step further. So, always find out your Competitors and spy them. You can again Use SEMRUSH here which will give you all information related to you Competitor.

Summarize the Planning

Now, after you have done everything correctly, the final step will be summarize everything again. Because there are chances of mistake. So, you need to go through all SEO Strategy again and make it clean from errors. It is always a better option to remove all mistakes in the beginning to increase chances of success.

SEO STRATEGY Conclusion:-

So, these are best SEO Strategies, you need to follow to get success. But one thing i need to say that, at last “Content is Key”. So, always try writing Good Content which will help you build relationships and reputation.

So, this concludes the Article “What is SEO Strategy“. Don’t Forget to give your Views via Comments and also share this on Social Networks.

What is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is a short form of “Search Engine Optimization“. It is simply a process to rank our websites High in Search Engines to get Free Organic Traffic or in other words, it is process to get the “Natural” or “editorial” Listings in Major search Engines Like Google, Yahoo, Bind, etc. So, these are common definitions of SEO, But if you ask this from 50 different Experts, then, you will get 50 different definitions of Search Engine Optimization. So, it’s on your own, how you understand it. You can experiment in many ways to get yourself rank Number #1 in Google. But One thing keep in your Mind that is not going to be easy as there is a lot of competition around the web.

What is SEO/ Search Engine Optimization?

As I said in the first Paragraph it helps us gaining the premium Free Listings on Search Engine. You can get Huge amount of Traffic without paying anything to Google. So, i think it doesn’t need more Explanation as i explained it enough. Now, we move on to the next part.

Types of SEO/ Search Engine Optimization:-

There are majorly two types of SEO as given below.

  1. White Hat SEO
  2. Black Hat SEO

#1 White Hat:- It includes all legitimate methods to Increase Rankings in Search Engine. It takes a little longer time than black hat Methods, but if you get high rankings through these techniques, then, you will not lose it for a long period of time. In other Words, It is a permanent way to Rank Higher.

#2 Black Hat:- It is illegal way to rank Higher in search Engine. It was very common many years Ago. But with recent Updates in Google, usage of black Hat methods can earn you a Penalty. But these techniques still useful for those who looking to rank for a shorter period of time like Education Portals who only want some posts to rank Higher for 1 or 2 months. So, in Simple Words, It is a Temporary way to rank Higher.

Now, you got the Idea about legitimate and illegal Search Engine Optimization ways. But it has still more things. For Example, you can do it Two ways as given below.

  1. ON-Page SEO
  2. OFF-Page SEO

#1 On-Page:- This Includes Changes made in a website to make it more search Engine Friendly. It Include Many Ways like Loading Speed, Meta Tags, Title Tags, Internal Linking, Sitemap, Image Optimization, Keyword Research, etc.

Read More about it here:- 6 Best On-Page SEO techniques to Boost Rankings

#2 Off-Page :- It includes all those outside ways to Rank Higher in search Engine. For Example, Link Building through Blog Commenting, Social Bookmarking, Classified Ad Sites, Guest posting, etc.

So, this Ends the Classification of types of Search Engine Optimization. Now, we move ahead to learn How it Works?.

How SEO/ Search Engine Optimization Works?

Frankly Talking, it looks easy but in reality it is not. You can easily learn all techniques and implement, but without knowing about How it works, you will not always get the desired results. So, lets start.

As you know Google Promotes only those websites who holds an Authority which means High Quality Content with Good User Experience and High Number of Quality Backlinks. But to make it simpler to learn, we divide it into three parts.

  1. Writing Quality Articles using High Searched Keywords or Phrases.
  2. Building Quality Links from Authority Sites.
  3. Optimizing the site to reduce on-Page Errors like High Loading time, improper navigation structure, or any other similar tiny errors.
So, these are three things you need to do for high Rankings and continue doing to rank Higher Permanently.

Can You get #1 Rankings?

Yes, Of course, why not, You can certainly get 31 Spot in Google and all other search Engines but it will require a hard work with Dedication. As you know Nothing comes easy. So, Focus on your Goal and follow these SEO Tips and tricks which will help you fulfill your dreams.


I have seen Individuals continuously searching for “What is SEO” or “What is Search Engine Optimization“. So, here i explained it to help you understand the Word Better. If you wanna learn More about this Word and Help yourself Rank like a Boss, then, be a permanent Visitor to LifeHubspot.
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Top 20 Classified Ad Posting Websites to Create HIGH PR Dofollow backlinks

Last Time we shared a list of Top Social Bookmarking sites to help our readers build High PR dofollow Backlinks and in this Article we will be Sharing a list of Classified Ad Posting Websites which allow High PR dofollow Links. You can create backlinks on these sites and get some link juice for yourself or if they are Nofollow, then you can promote your website totally free. But First of all we should learn something about Classified ad posting websites.

What are Classified Ad posting Websites?

These are sites which allow users to post Ads Free to Sell anything, including Home Appliances, Mobiles Phones, Cars, Electronics, Photography, Clothing, etc. I just Mentioned Few things here, you can sell anything you want and also you can buy anything at a reasonable price. But we are not here to talk about Buying and selling, we are here to learn, How we can Promote our blogs on these Classified Ad posting Websites. It’s Simple, you can post an Ad including your Website Name and URL. Some of these sites may not allow links, but you can still promote your sites and get some traffic my not including the link.

Top 20 High PR Classified Ad posting Websites

Note:- If you want removal of any site from this list, then, comment below or contact us with a valid reason.

So, these are some websites which can be used to promote blogs or to create dofollow or Nofollow links.
Now, there are many Newbies who still don’t know How to use these sites to Promote.

Suppose any of the Above sites not allowing you to include a link in your Ad. But you still want to promote your blog. So, Just click at “Post an Ad” and Enter a Descriptive Title Like “Want Article Writers for My Website Quickly” or “Learn How to Make money Online”. After Writing a Title, you need write a perfect description, including a link like this “LifeHubspot(dot)com” which is not a link for that company. But Visitors will come to your blog through it. Now, your Promotion Ad is Ready. Just hit Post Ad and you are done.

Note:- This is not recommended way to get traffic to your blog because most times you will get Non-Targeted visitors. But if your Blog Sells some Product, then, You may find this method perfect to Promote that product.

So, this Completes our tiny guide on Classified Ad Posting Websites for Backlinks. You can get immense traffic from these sites if you’re offering any kind of jobs or selling any product. These sites Rank well in search Engine. So, there are very Good chances of your Ranking High in Search Engine, and then, you get traffic through that Ad. I hope you will find it helpful. Don’t forget to share it on Social Networks.

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Benefits of Long Tail Keywords / SEO for Bloggers

Google Recently updated its Search Criteria to provide better user experience. With that update many things changed. For Example, Long Tail Keywords become more important for any blogger, or for any online business.

If we go in the past, Many Webmasters used Long tail keywords to get huge traffic from Search Engines. But that time Quality of content is not so important, they only get ranked higher by using couple of long tail keyword and building few backlinks. But these days they need to have everything correct to rank well and Also the recent updates of Google increased importance of Long tail SEO immensely.

Many Beginners still don’t know about Long tail SEO. So, here we will learn about the same topic, but before it, we will discuss about Long Tail Keywords.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

These are conversation type phrases, or we can say these are keywords with longer tail.
For Example, When we search on Google using “Long Tail SEO”, it shows many pages and top rankings almost covered by Authority sites like Moz or Quicksprout which means a normal website or blog can’t bypass them to get higher rankings. But When we used “Long Tail SEO for Bloggers“, we find only few Articles. So, it means ranking for this longer keyword is easier as there are few Authority sites which means less competition.
So, the moral of the story is, You can rank higher using Long phrases because simple or double keywords will have high competition but you it easier when you use some tail word with the main keyword. I hope you understood what i am trying to explain. Now, we move on to our next paragraph to learn Long tail Search Engine Optimization.


What is Long Tail SEO?

It is the process to Optimize website or blog for Long Tail Keywords to get High Number of Visitors from Search Engine (Organic Traffic). I think there is no need to explain this process here because i already explained it in the previous paragraph.


Benefits of Long Tail Keywords/SEO for Bloggers:-

There are many benefits which we will discuss below one by one.


#1 Rank Easy and Higher

You can certainly rank higher and it takes less amount of efforts to do so. But there something you need to care about while following this technique. Your Article must be of High Quality and you must target the same keyword in your article which you used in the Title. Also, don’t forget to use special tags like Bold, Italics and Underline on that Word to put Emphasis and tell Google to rank you Higher for that Keyword.


#2 More Targeted Readers

This way you will get More Targeted Readers because they only those visitors will come to your blog who searched for specific phrase. For Example,
>>> With “Search Engine optimization” Phrase, you will get all kinds of visitors related to SEO. But Remember, it is always difficult to rank well because High Competition.
>>> With “Search Engine optimization for Beginners” Phrase, You will get Beginners as visitors who looking to learn Tricks related to SEO.
>>> With “On-Page Search Engine Optimization for Beginners” phrase, you will get More targeted visitors because it will attract Newbies who looking to learn On-Page SEO.


#3 More Traffic and more Authority

It is Obvious that if you rank higher using this method, then, you will get more traffic to your blog which means High Authority for your blog. But always monitor your traffic because it can help you using this technique more effectively in future.
So, These are some Benefits of Long Tail Keyword/SEO for Bloggers. I hope you learned this Trick. If you have any question regarding this Article, then, you can ask via comments. Also Don’t forget to Share this Article on Social Networks.


Top 20 Social Bookmarking High PR Dofollow Sites 2015

As you know building high quality backlinks from High PR sites is very important because it provides link juice for our websites and also help us increasing Domain and Page Authority. Every blogger will spend hours in finding High PR links.  So, here we making it a little bit easier by giving them the opportunity to build 20 dofollow High PR backlinks for Bookmarking sites.

What are Social Bookmarking sites?

Social Bookmarking sites are used by those who don’t want to bookmark important links on Computer. So, they use these sites to bookmark links online. One main benefit of these sites is, you can share links with your friends, family, etc. All these links bookmarked on these sites are dofollow. So, search engines count them as backlinks which are very important to any website.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking sites:-

  • Drive Hug Amount of Traffic to each blog post.
  • Build Relationship with other bloggers.
  • Pass link Juice and increase Search Rankings.
  • Improve Domain and Page Authority.
  • Improve Blog Reputation.
  • Quicker Indexing of Posts.
  • Increase Reach.

Top 20 Social Bookmarking sites with Page Rank

1. Delicious (PR 8)

Its is one of the most popular bookmarking sites. you can store or share your favorite links their in different categories. It has easy navigate layout which makes link submission very simple.

2. StumbleUpon (PR 8)

It allow users to share full posts with your StumbleUpon network. You can Drive Huge amount of traffic from this site. Specially when you sharing posts at 3 or 4 AM (IST).

3. Reddit (PR 8)

It is also a dofollow site which allow you to share links. you can get Decent Traffic from this site if you submit each post is correct sub-reddit (category).

4. FriendFeed (PR 8)

It is a website can be used to share images, links, YouTube videos with Friends, Coworkers, etc. It allow you to create group of your favorite things and share with others.

5. Digg (PR 7)

It has simple voting system available to promote your posts. You can share Reviews, latest News and any other thing on Digg.

6. Diigo (PR 7)

If you stay active on Diggo, then, you can drive huge traffic to your blog because it allow you to share posts and tag them with others.

7. Fark (PR 7)

Fark allow you to share latest news, posts on their community. But you should remain active on that site to get a good traffic.

8. Slashdot (PR 7)

It allow you to share your stories with them. If your story is good one, then, editor may pick it for the homepage.

9. Newsvine (PR 7)

Newswine is one of the best social bookmarking site which allow you ti share your Articles and get some targeted traffic and backlinks.

10. Designfloat (PR 7)

It is another dofollow site which allow you to build high quality backlinks and drive some traffic to your blog.

11. Folkd (PR 6)

Another Popular Dofollow Social Bookmarking site which enable you to save your favorite links and share with friends.

12. Blinklist (PR 6)

Blinklist is easiest Social bookmarking site with Ajax technology. I will advice newbies to must use this site.

13. Dzone (PR 6)

It is easiest way to drive traffic to your blog. Specially Programmers and web developers can hit Homepage of this site with 10-15 votes. So, Never miss out easy traffic from this website.

14. Bizsugar (PR 5)

It is another dofollow website which can be used to build backlinks and get some link juice. It can also drive huge traffic, if you stay active.

15. Dotnetkicks (PR 5)

Dotnetkicks is attractive dofollow story sharing suite where you can share your stories and get backlinks. Your stories may hit Homepage with 4-7 kicks(may be more) and will drive huge traffic.

16. Blogosphere News (PR 4)

This site specially created for bloggers. So, they can share blog posts here and get some traffic and some reputation.

17. A1-Webmarks (PR 4)

It is simple bookmarking site which enables you to bookmark favorite links and then, share with others. It is totally dofollow site.

18. Bookmark4You (PR 3)

Another Bookmarking site with allow dofollow links. You can also drive some traffic form this site if you actively participate.

19. Yemle (PR 3)

Yemle is decent bookmarking site allowing users to save links and get traffic.

20. Social Bookmarks Site (PR2)

It is Page Rank Bookmarking website which is not so popular among users. So, you can get on to the homepage relatively quickly and drive some traffic to your blog. 


So, these are some Top High Page Rank Dofollow Social Bookmarking sites. You can use them to drive traffic to your blog or get some good backlinks to improve Page Rank. I will advice you to include proper keywords tags and attractive description while sharing posts on these sites.

If you like this list, then, never forget to share this on Social Networks and also Bookmark it on any of your favorite ones from this list.