How to Lose Weight in a Month

How to Lose Weight in a Month

In the present Technology World, Gaining weight is a big problem for every individual. This is due to less physical Works and too much usage of gadgets or vehicles. That’s why Running and Cycling is gone out of the window now or even walking also which result in obesity problems.  But we are not here to discuss about the problems of obesity, instead we will discuss some simple ways to lose weight. But unlike many other methods taking months to remove Fat from your body, these ways will help you lose weight in a month (4 weeks). So, let’s move on Week by Week.

Ways to Lose Weight in a month

Just Follow this Week by Week Training.

Week 1 :- Change your Lifestyle

Step 1:- Prepare Yourself

First ever thing you need to prepare yourself for the lose of weight because a sudden diet control and fat loss can cause health problems.  Specially less diet can produce ketone bodies which are very harmful for human body.  So, avoid any of the same conditions, you need to prepare, make a proper plan according to points mentioned below.

  • You can Lose about 0.5 kg – 3 kg in a Week (1lb to 6lb). But it depends on amount of Fat in your Body. You can lose more weight than mentioned here, but it can affect your health.
  • Always Remember you can’t make body slim within a week. So, focus on some parts of the body and then move on step by step.

Step 2:-  Cut off all Unhealthy Food and Record your Diet

In the second step, Cut off all Unhealthy foods like Chips, candy’s, chocolates, Soda’s, etc.  and keep a proper record which food you are eating and how many calories it have.  Also, don’t forget about the timings because it will decide everything. For Example, if you eat heavy meals before sleeping at night, it will generate a lot Fat. So, always focus on light weight Food at night depending on the calories you need. But, I have seen Many people stop eating food in dieting, which severely affects health. So, don’t ever stop, keep a proper diet to get enough calories for you daily workout like jogging, Running, cycling, etc.

Step 3:- Little workout according to your diet

In the first week, you can’t start a heavy workout because it can be harmful. So, only start with light running, cycling with proper diet. If you are Foody person, then , I will advice to reduce eating slowly and similarity increase workout day by day. You can exercise before going to work or after work. Don’t be lazy. Instead of staying at home ,playing video games and eating in front of the TV,go outside and do some extra  curricular activities like hiking. This would be enjoying and helps to burn your extra calories. Try to do more physical activities as you can. It is good to exercise with your friends so  that exercising schedule  is less likely to be skipped by you. There would be competition among friends to reach at time decided for exercising.In this way you will be more competing  towards each other  and actively participating in every task in order to reach the goal set by you.

Step 4:-  Keep yourself Encouraged with little Rewards

It’s very common among obese people. They tend to get discouraged, especially in the initial days of the first week. So, to keep focus, you can reward your self by setting up up little goals and then, getting a gift for yourself, once that goal in successfully completed.

Now, in the first week continue doing little workouts with proper diet as mentioned in the above steps. You can get a list of foods you can eat to get calories without Fat from your family health consultant and then, only keep those items at home.

Week 2:- Increase in Workouts to burn fat

Step 1:- Join Gym and increase workout if needed

After first weeks little workouts, you must be feeling a little fitter, having gained more stamina. So, to improve fitness, you should join Gym and start increasing your workout day by day. You can do Cardio exercises which will pump your heart, resulting in fat loss from your body. As we said previously, continue doing fun activity’s with your friends.

Step 2:- Start Swimming, Yoga, Dancing

After joining a gym, you can also start Yoga, it will increase your concentration power and give you more strength. Also, Swimming and Dancing are the activities who work best for fun loving peoples. If you are one of those, then, these things can certainly help you lose weight from your body.

Step 3 : -Again Keep a diet in Control

I see many peoples start eating everything as soon as they start exercising. This is not a good thing to do. You need to control your diet so exercise can lighten up your body.  Only eat needed calories (for example 250 calories) according to amount of workout you do. Also, Don’t forget to drink a lot of Water. It will keep your body system healthy. So, always keep a Water Bottle with you.

Week 3:-  Enjoy Workout and Keep on Increasing

 Step 1:-  Increase amount of workout once you start enjoying

It’s very important to enjoy your workouts because if you not, then, very difficult to continue doing.  So, keep on doing interesting things to make yourself interested.  Once you start enjoying, increase your workouts, Run more Kilometers, Increase Gym Hours, Join Hot Yoga classes, etc.

Step 2:- Keep changing diet

It is very common that, we feel bored while eating the same thing again and again. To remove that problem, learn some cooking skills and stating cooking some new healthy dishes. You can also invite your friends to healthy party where you can enjoy.

Step 3:-  Check out your Body Changes

At the End of third week, you may observe many changes in the Body.  Check out all those changes and note it in a diary. After noting out think and again plan, which exercises you need more.  Suppose you need to lose weight on the bottom part of your body, then, you can focus on leg and thigh exercises.

Week 4:-  Continue what you are doing so far and observe Changes

Step 1:- Repeat diet and workout plan

In the final week, you don’t need to do any extra work, just keep on doing the same things again and just observe the results. You will find many shape changes in your body. A lot Fat will be removed from the fatty parts on your Body.

Step 2:- Observe and plan for the future

Observe all Changes and if you fulfilled your expectations at the end of 4th Week, then, Plan same things again for upcoming weeks and make yourself more fitter. With this final Step, our one month Weight Loss training guide in finished.

Note:- These Steps are sure shot ways to Lose weight in a month, but you need to follow them properly to see the results.

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