Benefits of Long Tail Keywords / SEO for Bloggers

Google Recently updated its Search Criteria to provide better user experience. With that update many things changed. For Example, Long Tail Keywords become more important for any blogger, or for any online business.

If we go in the past, Many Webmasters used Long tail keywords to get huge traffic from Search Engines. But that time Quality of content is not so important, they only get ranked higher by using couple of long tail keyword and building few backlinks. But these days they need to have everything correct to rank well and Also the recent updates of Google increased importance of Long tail SEO immensely.

Many Beginners still don’t know about Long tail SEO. So, here we will learn about the same topic, but before it, we will discuss about Long Tail Keywords.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

These are conversation type phrases, or we can say these are keywords with longer tail.
For Example, When we search on Google using “Long Tail SEO”, it shows many pages and top rankings almost covered by Authority sites like Moz or Quicksprout which means a normal website or blog can’t bypass them to get higher rankings. But When we used “Long Tail SEO for Bloggers“, we find only few Articles. So, it means ranking for this longer keyword is easier as there are few Authority sites which means less competition.
So, the moral of the story is, You can rank higher using Long phrases because simple or double keywords will have high competition but you it easier when you use some tail word with the main keyword. I hope you understood what i am trying to explain. Now, we move on to our next paragraph to learn Long tail Search Engine Optimization.


What is Long Tail SEO?

It is the process to Optimize website or blog for Long Tail Keywords to get High Number of Visitors from Search Engine (Organic Traffic). I think there is no need to explain this process here because i already explained it in the previous paragraph.


Benefits of Long Tail Keywords/SEO for Bloggers:-

There are many benefits which we will discuss below one by one.


#1 Rank Easy and Higher

You can certainly rank higher and it takes less amount of efforts to do so. But there something you need to care about while following this technique. Your Article must be of High Quality and you must target the same keyword in your article which you used in the Title. Also, don’t forget to use special tags like Bold, Italics and Underline on that Word to put Emphasis and tell Google to rank you Higher for that Keyword.


#2 More Targeted Readers

This way you will get More Targeted Readers because they only those visitors will come to your blog who searched for specific phrase. For Example,
>>> With “Search Engine optimization” Phrase, you will get all kinds of visitors related to SEO. But Remember, it is always difficult to rank well because High Competition.
>>> With “Search Engine optimization for Beginners” Phrase, You will get Beginners as visitors who looking to learn Tricks related to SEO.
>>> With “On-Page Search Engine Optimization for Beginners” phrase, you will get More targeted visitors because it will attract Newbies who looking to learn On-Page SEO.


#3 More Traffic and more Authority

It is Obvious that if you rank higher using this method, then, you will get more traffic to your blog which means High Authority for your blog. But always monitor your traffic because it can help you using this technique more effectively in future.
So, These are some Benefits of Long Tail Keyword/SEO for Bloggers. I hope you learned this Trick. If you have any question regarding this Article, then, you can ask via comments. Also Don’t forget to Share this Article on Social Networks.


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