Top 20 Social Bookmarking High PR Dofollow Sites 2015

As you know building high quality backlinks from High PR sites is very important because it provides link juice for our websites and also help us increasing Domain and Page Authority. Every blogger will spend hours in finding High PR links.  So, here we making it a little bit easier by giving them the opportunity to build 20 dofollow High PR backlinks for Bookmarking sites.

What are Social Bookmarking sites?

Social Bookmarking sites are used by those who don’t want to bookmark important links on Computer. So, they use these sites to bookmark links online. One main benefit of these sites is, you can share links with your friends, family, etc. All these links bookmarked on these sites are dofollow. So, search engines count them as backlinks which are very important to any website.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking sites:-

  • Drive Hug Amount of Traffic to each blog post.
  • Build Relationship with other bloggers.
  • Pass link Juice and increase Search Rankings.
  • Improve Domain and Page Authority.
  • Improve Blog Reputation.
  • Quicker Indexing of Posts.
  • Increase Reach.

Top 20 Social Bookmarking sites with Page Rank

1. Delicious (PR 8)

Its is one of the most popular bookmarking sites. you can store or share your favorite links their in different categories. It has easy navigate layout which makes link submission very simple.

2. StumbleUpon (PR 8)

It allow users to share full posts with your StumbleUpon network. You can Drive Huge amount of traffic from this site. Specially when you sharing posts at 3 or 4 AM (IST).

3. Reddit (PR 8)

It is also a dofollow site which allow you to share links. you can get Decent Traffic from this site if you submit each post is correct sub-reddit (category).

4. FriendFeed (PR 8)

It is a website can be used to share images, links, YouTube videos with Friends, Coworkers, etc. It allow you to create group of your favorite things and share with others.

5. Digg (PR 7)

It has simple voting system available to promote your posts. You can share Reviews, latest News and any other thing on Digg.

6. Diigo (PR 7)

If you stay active on Diggo, then, you can drive huge traffic to your blog because it allow you to share posts and tag them with others.

7. Fark (PR 7)

Fark allow you to share latest news, posts on their community. But you should remain active on that site to get a good traffic.

8. Slashdot (PR 7)

It allow you to share your stories with them. If your story is good one, then, editor may pick it for the homepage.

9. Newsvine (PR 7)

Newswine is one of the best social bookmarking site which allow you ti share your Articles and get some targeted traffic and backlinks.

10. Designfloat (PR 7)

It is another dofollow site which allow you to build high quality backlinks and drive some traffic to your blog.

11. Folkd (PR 6)

Another Popular Dofollow Social Bookmarking site which enable you to save your favorite links and share with friends.

12. Blinklist (PR 6)

Blinklist is easiest Social bookmarking site with Ajax technology. I will advice newbies to must use this site.

13. Dzone (PR 6)

It is easiest way to drive traffic to your blog. Specially Programmers and web developers can hit Homepage of this site with 10-15 votes. So, Never miss out easy traffic from this website.

14. Bizsugar (PR 5)

It is another dofollow website which can be used to build backlinks and get some link juice. It can also drive huge traffic, if you stay active.

15. Dotnetkicks (PR 5)

Dotnetkicks is attractive dofollow story sharing suite where you can share your stories and get backlinks. Your stories may hit Homepage with 4-7 kicks(may be more) and will drive huge traffic.

16. Blogosphere News (PR 4)

This site specially created for bloggers. So, they can share blog posts here and get some traffic and some reputation.

17. A1-Webmarks (PR 4)

It is simple bookmarking site which enables you to bookmark favorite links and then, share with others. It is totally dofollow site.

18. Bookmark4You (PR 3)

Another Bookmarking site with allow dofollow links. You can also drive some traffic form this site if you actively participate.

19. Yemle (PR 3)

Yemle is decent bookmarking site allowing users to save links and get traffic.

20. Social Bookmarks Site (PR2)

It is Page Rank Bookmarking website which is not so popular among users. So, you can get on to the homepage relatively quickly and drive some traffic to your blog. 


So, these are some Top High Page Rank Dofollow Social Bookmarking sites. You can use them to drive traffic to your blog or get some good backlinks to improve Page Rank. I will advice you to include proper keywords tags and attractive description while sharing posts on these sites.

If you like this list, then, never forget to share this on Social Networks and also Bookmark it on any of your favorite ones from this list.

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  1. Actually Dofollow backlink really works 🙂 So,should collect backlink from related website.we should avoid any spam method.I will use this site.Thanks for your dofollow backlink list.

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