Best Free Tools To Compress And Optimize Images On Your Blog

These Days Google has put a lot of Emphasis on On Page Optimization, specially loading Speed of your blog. It may harm your rankings if you don’t optimize properly. So, what steps you can take to improve your site speed. You can Reduce coding size, remove unwanted Scripts and mainly Compress Images on your Blog. I think Many of you know that Images play a very vital role in fetching traffic, but using high quality photos with no compressing can make your blog slow. So, here we are sharing some Tools to Optimize Images on your Blog. Any of these will not affect the quality of your Images. So, feel free to use for proper Search Engine Optimization.

Free Tools to Compress and Optimize Images


It is totally Free Image Optimization service from Yahoo Network, which allow you to losslessly compress images by uploading files than 1MB in JPG, PNG, or GIF format. You can download the same file from a temporary URL valid for 30 minutes after compression.

#2 JPEGmini

It allows you to reduce size of images incredibly without compromising with the quality. You can use this Tool online (only limited) or can download the App on your Smartphone. But it only provides limited Number of features Free because it is a paid Tool due to premium features.

#3 Riot

Another Free Tool which allows you to compress Images from your Desktop. You can download it on your PC and use with Simple Interface using automatic optimization.

#4 JPEG Optimizer

This tool allows you to reduce size by 0-99 level. You can select it manually and then, use compressed file anywhere you want. It will not affect the quality of the file.

#5 PNGGauntlet

An another must download Application for Windows allow you to optimize PNG Photos. You can convert all other images into PNG.

#6 Image Optimizer

It is a tool which you can use online or can download. You just need to upload files and select quality you want. You can also compress Bulk images in single time.

#7 Trimage

It is a lossless image compressor which allows PNG and JPEG file formats. You can download this App on all platforms and use, according to the needs.

#8 CompressNow

You can Reduce size of Images by selecting a compression percentage by downloading this Application on your Desktop. It supports almost all File Formats.

#9 PNG Optimizer

Another PNG compressor which reduces its size and converts into other file formats. You can download this tool on your Windows desktop and enjoy.

#10 Shrink Pictures

You can select the compression level, image dimensions, also give special effects. It is another Free online tool can work best for you.


So, these are top Tools to Compress and Optimize Images. These tools will give you lossless and lossy images which mean quality remains the same but size reduces. You can include this list in your SEO Strategy to Boost Rankings.
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