Top 20 Classified Ad Posting Websites to Create HIGH PR Dofollow backlinks

Last Time we shared a list of Top Social Bookmarking sites to help our readers build High PR dofollow Backlinks and in this Article we will be Sharing a list of Classified Ad Posting Websites which allow High PR dofollow Links. You can create backlinks on these sites and get some link juice for yourself or if they are Nofollow, then you can promote your website totally free. But First of all we should learn something about Classified ad posting websites.

What are Classified Ad posting Websites?

These are sites which allow users to post Ads Free to Sell anything, including Home Appliances, Mobiles Phones, Cars, Electronics, Photography, Clothing, etc. I just Mentioned Few things here, you can sell anything you want and also you can buy anything at a reasonable price. But we are not here to talk about Buying and selling, we are here to learn, How we can Promote our blogs on these Classified Ad posting Websites. It’s Simple, you can post an Ad including your Website Name and URL. Some of these sites may not allow links, but you can still promote your sites and get some traffic my not including the link.

Top 20 High PR Classified Ad posting Websites

Note:- If you want removal of any site from this list, then, comment below or contact us with a valid reason.

So, these are some websites which can be used to promote blogs or to create dofollow or Nofollow links.
Now, there are many Newbies who still don’t know How to use these sites to Promote.

Suppose any of the Above sites not allowing you to include a link in your Ad. But you still want to promote your blog. So, Just click at “Post an Ad” and Enter a Descriptive Title Like “Want Article Writers for My Website Quickly” or “Learn How to Make money Online”. After Writing a Title, you need write a perfect description, including a link like this “LifeHubspot(dot)com” which is not a link for that company. But Visitors will come to your blog through it. Now, your Promotion Ad is Ready. Just hit Post Ad and you are done.

Note:- This is not recommended way to get traffic to your blog because most times you will get Non-Targeted visitors. But if your Blog Sells some Product, then, You may find this method perfect to Promote that product.

So, this Completes our tiny guide on Classified Ad Posting Websites for Backlinks. You can get immense traffic from these sites if you’re offering any kind of jobs or selling any product. These sites Rank well in search Engine. So, there are very Good chances of your Ranking High in Search Engine, and then, you get traffic through that Ad. I hope you will find it helpful. Don’t forget to share it on Social Networks.

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