4 Social Media SEO Tips to Improve Search Rankings

Social Media has grown immensely in the last few years. Even major search Engines like Bing and Google started calculating social signals which fluctuated many websites ranking. For some explanation Social Media SEO is a new way to Rank higher in search Engines. You will need to get High Number of Likes, shares, Re-tweets, etc. to build buzz around social networking sites which build a lot of authority for your website.

Now, How you need to build up that buzz. In other words How you gonna do Social Media SEO to Improve search Rankings? If you don’t know then, don’t worry, below are 4 tips that can help you do so.

Social Media SEO Tips to Improve Search Rankings

Tips to Improve Search Rankings Via Social Media SEO

Getting Good rankings via social media is not a rocket science, you need to work hard to get there. So, follow below given points.

#1 Quality Content, Beyond keyword research

Now, you would be thinking that you read this everywhere. But wait, here it is little different. You need to write quality content, but for some time don’t focus on keyword research. There are some webmasters who do Keyword research and On-Page option very well. But think, is it possible to get social Buzz with the Article written for Search Engines. Obviously Not, It is not possible, because the Visitors like conversation content and that’s the type of content which go viral on social media. Frankly talking that is what Social Media SEO is all about.

I am not saying that you need to forget about Keyword Research as it is the important part which help you get Organic traffic, but not do it too much. You must write some content for Social Media. In simple language, More your content will be shared, re-tweeted on Social networks, higher will be your rankings in search.

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#2 Use of Attractive Images

Images play a vital role in attracting Visitors to your website. So, you need to use highly attractive images to gain the high Number of shares, Likes, and Tweets for your Websites as Multimedia content is more likely to be shared on Social Media sites rather than text content. So, you can use it for your benefit.

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#3 Make it easier to Share

In this modern Era, no one has a time to share content which takes more than 2 minutes to be shared. So, make your content is easy to share by using social sharing button above an below each post. If you have done that and you writing quality content, then, you will certainly get a high number of shares, likes and tweets.

#4 Inspect your Social Media SEO Progress

Inspecting is very important because if you are not getting the desired result, then, you can make some changes in your strategy, but if you don’t keep a close eye on your social media buss, then, there are very little chances of you knowing what going wrong in your strategy. So, I will highly advice you to Inspect your Social Media traffic using Google Analytic. It will give you a fair idea, what you need to do.

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Final verdict on Social media SEO

There are some SMO strategies which can really help you rank well in Google. But remember to create a fair concentration on Search Engine and Social Media traffic. If you focus on both in an equal proportion, then, no one can stop you become successful. You will be able to improve your search Rankings easily. So, that’s it with the Article. Now, don’t forget to share this Article on Social Networks.