Black Hat SEO Guide : Learn and Save your Website

Black Hat SEO. These keywords are very commonly known as a way to rank higher in the rankings for a temporary period of time. Google doesn’t like Black Hat SEO, but many guys who wanted to manipulate rankings to get on top for a short period of time still using these methods. Google can’t stop them because their system takes some time to detect these tricks.

Black Hat SEO

But we are not here to discuss about why Google can’t track them. We are here to learn “What is Black Hat SEO“. I have seen many peoples still using some of the techniques which are blacklisted by Google. So, I decided to explain this full topic to let them learn and Save website from penalty.

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What is Black Hat SEO?

As I already explained, Black Hat SEO is a blacklisted way to manipulate search engine Rankings. Especially Google has very strict policies against these techniques. It started many years ago, when spammers used different bad tricks to Rank Higher on Google. They did it for a very long period of time, but lately Google started working for the removal of these tricks using various algorithm updates. In present days, Black Hat SEO techniques are totally dead, especially if you want your website to rank well for a longer period of time. If you are still following these tricks, then, you are going against Google and Bing Search policies which can cause your website totally wiped out from the search.

Those guys who are still using and don’t aware of the fact that these tricks are not allowed, can read all below given points and learn all techniques included in Black Hat SEO.

Techniques used in Black Hat SEO

#1 Keyword Stuffing

A lot of spammers use this trick to fool Search engine bots, but these day robots are very smart. They can catch articles stuffed with lots of keywords easily. For an explanation of this point:- When you put Many keywords in an article, it is called keyword stuffing. In other Words, Full article is filled with different phrases having a high number of searches in search engine without including any knowledge for the users.

#2 Cloaking

It is a type of illusion, when you show two different websites to robots and Users. In other words, you show different content or page to robots and different content or page to users.

#3 Hidden Text

If your site has light text on a light background, then, beware of Google. Their robots are not stupid, they will take it as hidden text and will penalize you.

#4 Hidden Links

Google is very strict against Hidden Links. Let me explain why? Because it will not provide a good user experience which is strictly not allowed.  Now, Hidden Links are of many types.

  • If you put links in a text and make it white on a white background, then, those are hidden links which you are using to manipulate rankings and don’t wanna show it to users.
  • If you use CSS effects to make links very small that no one can notice it, even when cursor is placed on it.
  • If you use CSS to make it look like similar to text.

#5 Article Spinning

It is a way to manipulate search engine rankings by making different relevant copies of an article and publishing on different platforms. Google will take it as unique if you do it for a little period of time, but overdoing will turn spam detector on and you will be penalized.

#6 Rich Snippet Markup Spam

When users markup hidden content, or Irrelevant content or any other similar type is called Fake Rich Snippet markup. You may like to read more about this on – Search Engine Round Table

#7 Link Farm

Link Farm is a way to manipulate search rankings by creating many pages to give a link to a particular page to boost its ranking in SERPs.

#8 Link Schemes

There are many Link schemes explained by Google Like link buying, link exchange, etc.. You can Read More about it here:- Google Link schemes

#9 Doorway pages

Some kind of special pages are created on a particular phrase to do well in ranking and bring traffic which then redirected to some other website or place. Learn More about this on Search Engine Watch
So, these are some basic things you need to learn about Black Hat SEO to avoid any unnecessary penalty from Google. I hope you learned a lot from this Article. Don’t forget to share this on Social Networks to help more webmasters learn Black Hat SEO tricks. Keep Visiting Life Hubspot.

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