10 Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips 2015

In last Few years SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has gone to a new level. In the past all those Meta tags, on Page optimization tricks are so important to rank well in Google. Also Building links using Article submission directories were very popular.But with Time, the definition of SEO has completely changed. These days Meta tags have a nothing role in Google and also Article submission is almost over. These are not the only things, there are many which we will discuss below.

  • Press release and Article Submission: – It was  one of the best ways to get backlinks and some traffic to our blogs. But with Change in SEO in 2015, both these methods are eliminated from the Scene.
  • Black Hat Tricks: – All those Bad tricks to Manipulate search Rankings is almost gone out of the window now.

So, these are some old methods of SEO which are of no use these days. So, now we move forward to the business part of our Article.

10 Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips 2015

Top 10 Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

#1 Social Networking Sites

This is very common now, instead of all those Tricks, Social media has become the new SEO. It means Google will rank sites according to the amount of social signals.  So, you can use social sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc. All these sites will help you rank higher in rankings and also drive a huge amount of traffic to your blog. Specially Google+ helps any site Rank Higher because it is a product of Google itself.

#2 Social bookmarking sites

Do you hear about bookmarking sites? If not, then, i will tell you. These are those websites which help us bookmark a link to share with our family and friends. All links from these sites are dofollow which will help rank better. So, make it clear, higher the number of bookmarks at these sites will get you higher backlinks which means a sudden increase in rankings. You can use Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, delicious, etc.

#3 Write Longer Content with Deep Research

With Google’s algorithms, it is clear that they will not let short articles top the Rankings. So, after these changes, you should write by going Deep into the topic. You may also need to use Google Instant search or Keyword Planner to search for popular words or phrases and then, target those with long in-depth Article.

#4 Keep a close Eye on Bounce rate

When a visitor comes to your site from the search results and after reading a single post pressed back button, it is said to be bounced.  So, When a lot if visitors do like that, your bounce rate will be higher which means Google think your site is not Good for users. So, Always try to keep bounce rate as low as possible by providing Quality Content, interlinking posts with each other, Providing some Freebies on your blog, making blog design attractive, etc.

#5 Avoid Too many Ads

If your Blog showing Too much Advertisements, then, Google will penalize you because they want a better user experience by providing quality content. So, Always maintain a good Ad:content ratio on your blog. Also Don’t show too much Ads above Fold.

#6 Loading Speed Matters

If your blog takes a lot of time to load, then, don’t ever think to top the rankings because Google only wants sites taking very little time to go up in the Rankings.
So, Try each and every method to reduce the loading time of your blog. You can minimize coding by removing all white space, deleting unwanted scripts, using only JPG format images, etc.

#7 Avoid Keyword Stuffing

With Google Panda and penguin looking for Low quality sites, you will need to stop doing keyword stuffing. It is done to manipulate search rankings by using various the Rich-keywords in the Article.

#8 Keep CTR high

Click-through-rate from search results is very important. Google watch it carefully to inspect that site is good for readers or not. If your CTR is low, then, Google will think this site is not providing Good user experience. So, they will take your site lower down the ranking.  So, You need to work on some part of your blog to increase CTR. You can include an attractive description which will certainly improve CTR.

#9 Optimize Images and URLs

Both Images and URLs are very important. You need to Optimize images by including Alt Title and Alt Text to make them readable for Robots. Also, using relevant, attractive and unique images will increase reader engagement.

Uniform Resource Locator(URL) needs to be short but must include readable Keywords. For Example, You can see URL of this Post.


Now, this URL makes it very clear for readers to understand what the Article is all about. So, similarly use proper rich keywords inside the URL of your post.

#10 Structured Data Markup

Now, you will need structured data markup to tell search engines more about your site. So, more and more readers come to your site for a particular topic. If you have never done this, then, you might be missing a lot of page views or visitors. Because Data Markup is always a Good SEO practice. So, Go to your Webmaster Tools account and implement this.


So, these are some basic tips that can help any newbie or expert in optimizing their blogs. If you find any difficulty or Need my help in any problem, don’t feel shy to ask in the comments, Its my pleasure to help you in any aspect.

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