6 Best On-Page SEO techniques to Boost Rankings

Search Engine Optimization is of two types as you know. Off-Page SEO and On-Page SEO. Both are very important to get good Search Rankings. Off-Page Search Engine Optimization means building links to pass page rank, Social Media sharing, Social Bookmarking, etc. On-Page SEO means Optimizing website in a way to get High Rank in Google or Any search Engine.

Importance of On-Page SEO:-

To get Success in your Online career both On-Page and Off-Page SEO is important. But, In this post we will learn about only On-Page Search Engine Optimization.

#1 Communicate to Search Engine

As you know Search Engine are Robots who can not understand Human Language. So, we cannot communicate with them directly, but, with the help of Good On-Page SEO, we can communicate with Search Engine Robots. We can make them feel comfortable. And Also, it should the first ever step we need to take for our websites before going for any any Off-site method.

#2 Keep Readers Happy

Our websites need to be user friendly to get success but if it is not, then, Don’t even think about any growth in organic traffic. Google loves those sites who keep Readers Happy. So, Implementing all On-site SEO Tricks can really help you to do so.

#3 Boost for Local Businesses

If you are running any local business and want to get High Ranking for Local customers, then, On-Page Search Engine Optimization is best for you.

So, these are the Benefits of On-site SEO. Now, we move on to the business part of our Article “6 On-Site SEO tips to Improve Rankings“.

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Best On-Page SEO techniques to Boost Rankings

 6 On-Page Techniques for Better Search Rankings

There are many On-site Search Engine Optimization Techniques, but, i will describe best 5 which you can use to quickly improve performance of your site.

1. Fresh Content is Key

As you Know Writing Unique content is key. If you don’t have Good content on your website, then, any SEO will not help you. But, if your site contains a quality standard content, then, you can even get success without any SEO but, it will be even more with SEO. So, below are content quality standard rules.

  • Originality: – Content must be Original and not been published anywhere. Google hates duplicate content.
  • Usefulness: – Before publishing content, make sure you check it that it is useful for audience or not. If not, then, don’t even think to publish it.
  • In-depth Knowledge: – Your content must provide In-depth knowledge about a specific topic. It is simple, the more you write long (maintain quality standards), the Google will like your content.
  • Frequency: – Google always looking for fresh content. So, more frequent you put a fresh content on your site, the more chances of Google ranking you better.

2. Internal Linking

You can include about 5-7 links from your other posts into current post. It can help you do many things for your website. Below is the list of all those things.

  • To Tell Google About your Other Posts: – Linking posts with each other will help in fast indexing of posts.
  • Pass Page Rank: – It often happens when your one post getting a lot of link juice from other sites but, the second one not getting any. So, Interlinking will pass page rank to each post.
  • Decrease Bounce Rate: – When readers coming from Search, interlinking will give them more posts to read and it will decrease your Bounce Rate.
  • Increase Reading Time: – The more Reader will stay on your site, more your site build trust. So, Interlinking can Engage readers deeper into your Website and force them to read Articles on your site for a long time.

3. URL Structure

Uniform Resource Locator(URL) has a lot of importance in SEO. The First thing i wanna tell you, is How to optimize post URL with Example.

Example of bad URL:-


Example of Good URL:-


So, these are some ways to optimize post URLs. Now, we move on to Sitemap and Categories.
Sitemap for your website helps robots to crawl each section quickly. So, don’t forget to have an effective Sitemap. Similarly, Categories also help robots and Readers Navigate the site easily. So, you should group your pages and post in different categories.

4. Optimize Title, Description, Formatting and Images

This is very common among webmasters but still the most important. A proper Title, Description and Fully Optimized Images can help you rank better in search Engine. Robots will rank your website according to these things. So, follow the below given steps.

  • Title:- It should be unique and attractive and must contain some popularly searched keywords to rank better.
  • Description:- An attractive description for your site will increase CTR from Search Engine which result in higher rankings.
  • Images:- You must use JPG Format (Original Images) on your website because it is SEO Friendly and also never forget to put ALT Text and ALT Title in Images to make them readable to robots.
  • h1, h2, bold, italics, underline : – All these must be used in each post to make it SEO friendly. You must use these special tags for special keyword which you want to rank better in search Engine.

5.  Site Speed

Google Officially said that they will also consider loading speed of a site before ranking. So, check your site speed using Google Page Insights Tool. If it is low, then, consider making some changes in your website.
  • Reduce the Number of third Party Widgets
  • Compress full Coding and Images
  • Remove unwanted JavaScript
  • Use Responsive Themes with low loading time.

6. Google Authorship

You may know about Authorship, but may not know about the benefits of it.
  • You will earn Copyright for your content.
  • Your Fans will find it easy to read your other articles.
  • Your Rankings will go higher to your followers. For example, If i follow you on Google+ then, I will see your posts higher in search results.
So, Don’t avoid Google Authorship, Take it seriously. So, this is the ending of Article. I hope you like these “Best On-Page SEO techniques” . Also, Don’t forget to share this on Social Networks.

8 thoughts on “6 Best On-Page SEO techniques to Boost Rankings

  1. Likewise, you should not worry about the perfect anchor text and nofollow links because if a nofollow link is able to attract visitors towards your website then it is a good opportunity for you.
    Logically, the natural link profile of your website takes advantages from nofollow links.

  2. Hi Atinder,

    When I started my blogging I didn’t more about on page SEO techniques, later I came to know about the importance of it.

    Till my old post doesn’t have enough internal links which I have to include after writing this comment.

    I never focused on using Bold, italic on my blog for some time, now I am concentrating on copywriting too, thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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