Atinder S Gill : Professional Blogger & Internet Marketer

Atinder Gill is a young boy from small city of Rajasthan. He lives in Gajsinghpur (around 60KM) from Sri Ganganagar (a very well known City) of Rajasthan, getting popular day by day. Now! coming back to Atinder’s Biography.

Atinder Gill Goa PhotoshootAtinder is Co-owner and many other micro niche blogs, But this is the thing, which you already know.

The thing you want to know is, how he entered in Blogging ? and how he got started with his first blog? and blah! blah!? right?

Yeah! Definitely, That’s why You are here.

How Atinder Entered into Blogging?

Atinder Gill in RishikeshWell, He was nowhere near to Blogging in 2012. He love cricket and that the only he used to do in those days along with study, which is didn’t liked, But was forced to do. so, in December 2015, He started doing “O”level (a computer Diploma), where got to know about some ways to make Money Online, like reading emails (which was Fake), Clicking at PPC Ads (where he earned nothing) and Blogging.

Atinder Gill home photoshootIn a few days, he started his first Blog “” where He used to copy paste “Hacking” Content. In next few months, he faced traffic problem as there was no traffic coming to MHT, So, then he started reading popular blogs like ShoutMeloud, and many other blogs related to SEO and Blogging, where he learned a lot.

After learning many important things, mainly that he needs to write unique content, he started another Blog “” which got good response from audience and Google. So, he continued working for it and he started earning good income from that blog with just a few months of hard work.

How he started “”?

Atinder Gill at Anjuna Beach GoaAt first Sanu Siddharth started OnlyLoudest on his own. Atinder just Meet Sanu while doing Guest posting. He offered Sanu Siddharth a guest post for OnlyLoudest and after that time, they became friends and started working together on and now, the whole network of blogs is growing very Quickly.

Atinder Gill at Juhu BeachAtinder’s Blogs/Websites:-


These are just those websites which are public. He owns number of secret micro-niche blogs.


Now, let’s know more about him.


  • Love Playing Cricket.
  • Watching Sports.
  • Watching Reality Shows.
  • Writing.
  • Traveling with Friends.

These are some hobbies of Atinder Gill, although things have changed with time, there were the times, when he used to play cricket all day, but now he is more focused on his work and to get some relaxation, he travel with friends.

So in recent times, his favorite thing is Traveling. Here are some great pictures of Atinder, from his recent trips.

Atinder S Gill at Delhi International Airport
When he Traveled to Delhi !
Atinder Gill Trying Swimming in Sea
When Atinder Traveled to Goa!
Atinder Gill in Mumbai
When Atinder Traveled to Mumbai !
Atinder Gill GOA beach Enjoy
When Atinder Gill Traveled to Goa !
Atinder Gill in Delhi Amusement Park
When he Traveled to Noida !
Atinder Gill at Taj Hotel in Mumbai
Atinder Traveled to Mumbai with Friends !
Atinder Gill at Panjim Goa
Atinder Traveled to Goa with Friends !

Check More Pictures at Atinder’s Gallery Page.


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